Monday, May 9, 2011

Modernize Your Home with Ceramic Wine Tiles

As I am busily unpacking, there is one piece that I always carry with me - my ceramic wine tile.  I've seen these popularized in the past 5 years, and have found them everywhere from Wine Country to Disney World.  :)  I'm not sure what company actually manufactures these, but I found several on that gives you a good idea of what is available.

Small ones are great to do a border on a kitchen wall.  The larger ones can rest on table tops or counters to add a touch of color to your kitchen.  What a great way to incorporate food and wine into your home.  :)

All of the following images are from unless otherwise noted: 

Decorative Ceramic Art Tile - 11" x 14" Vertical - Arch View White Wine

Decorative Ceramic Art Tile - 8" x 8" - 3 Wine Bottles

8"x8" Art Tile - Wine with Glass I

11"x14" Art Tile - Wines with Graps
11"x14" Art Tile - Wine Yard
3"x16" Art Tile - Wine Testing
Decorative Ceramic Art Tile - 6" x 16" Vertical - Wine Bar IV

Decorative Ceramic Art Tile - 11" x 14" Vertical - Grapes Top

8"x 8" Art Tile - Wine with Grapes I

(Photo from Google Images)

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