Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebrations! Dressing up Your Thanksgiving Table with Wine

While looking up the foodie candles that I've fallen in love with, I also found a neat idea at Pottery Barn: decorating the Thanksgiving table with wine bottles and bottle candles.
Eclectic Bottles, Set of 2

Eclectic Bottles, Set of 2

But you do not need to spend a small fortune buying wine bottles and candles - recycle the ones you already have!  Green and brown bottles match perfectly with the Thanksgiving style.  Varying bottle shapes and sizes can make any table centerpiece elegant or fun.  Long candles can be bought almost anywhere, and many times on sale at places like Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls.  The bottle insert candles can usually be found at many winery tasting rooms.  A general search on the internet may find some discounted on places like or Google Shopping.  Here are some other ideas I found from Google Images to complete your wine-oriented Thanksgiving:

Candelabra Wine Bottle Topper
Wine Bottle Lantern 
Love this idea - Found at: Green Products & Gifts

If you would like to remove labels from the wine bottle, clean out the wine bottle first to remove any left over sediment and wine.  The labels usually peal off if you hold them over steam or very hot water (from the tap).  Be careful not to break the glass if you are trying to steam the label off.  The glass may break.  Some labels are more difficult than others, which is dependent on the glue.  Here are some good tips on label removal


  1. Love this. If only I had a decorating gene...

  2. Thank you :) I love decorating. If I knew how to make those bottles bottomless, I'd be doing it with every wine bottle we own...

  3. never cease to amaze me!