Monday, August 1, 2011

Modernize Your Home with Wine Wooden Art

Who isn't into decorating their house?  I think everyone wants a cozy home to return to every evening.  Correct me if I'm wrong, of course...

While doing some searches on Home Decorators, a second brand to Home Depot, I came across some interesting, thrifty, wine art pieces.  I really like these, and I think they are classy yet budget friendly... so much so that I actually considered some of these for my home!

I think it's important to remember how much wine is or can be a part of our culture.  It surrounds us to a point where people enjoy decorating it.  I've seen entire rooms decorated around a wine cellar, wine cabinet, or a kitchen with eye-appealing displays of wine glasses.  There's so much more to wine than drinking it...

Living the Dream Napa Valley Wooden Sign
Living the Dream Wooden Wall Art ($69)

The Good Life Wooden Sign
The Good Life Wooden Wall Art ($69)

Grapevine Blocks Oil Paintings
Grapevine Blocks Oil Paintings ($118)

2 Estate Wine Wall Prints ($189 each)

L'Instant Taittinger Champagne Wooden Sign
L'Instant Taittinger Champagne Wooden Wall Art ($69)

California Wine Country Wooden Sign
California Wine Country Wooden Wall Art ($69)

Asti Cinzano Wooden Sign
Asti Cinzano Wooden Wall Art ($69)

Ingham Marsala Wine Wooden Sign
Ingham Marsala Wooden Wall Art ($69)

Ladies Nite out Canvas Wall Art
Ladies Night Out Print Canvas ($199)

Italian Kitchen Canvas Wall Art
Italian Kitchen Print Canvas ($199)

Wine Province I Canvas Wall Art
Wine Province I Print Canvas ($199)

Gallus Wooden Sign
Gallus Wooden Wall Art ($69)
Ever wonder what the name "Gallo" meant? ;)

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