Monday, August 15, 2011

Wine Culture Restaurant Near King of Prussia, PA

Sorry you all for missing Friday's post.  I guess my traveling is catching up to me at the moment.  HOWEVER, I was introduced to a FABULOUS restaurant in Wayne, PA: Teresa's Cafe and Teresa's Next Door.  Honestly, one of the most exquisite wine and beer lists that I've seen since my move to Pennsylvania with an incredibly charming atmosphere and tasty menu of food.

Inside of Teresa's Next Door
(Photo from Google Images)

I have to share this because it's not every day you find a restaurant like this in such a quaint little town outside of Philadelphia.  The food menu consists of several cultural dishes from Europe, with a variety of mussels available to try.  Additionally, cheese platters float throughout the back page of the menu, making it the perfect location for wine and cheese pairing (or grab one of their hundreds of listed beers!).  Apparently, cheeses are half-off on Sundays.  Some of these could be paired magically with the wines and beers available.

I was totally impressed that there was a page of sour ales and Belgiums, which are some of my favorite beer styles.

The only thing lacking from the wine menu was some Pennsylvania wines!  Regardless, the menu is separated into whites and reds - pages of Italian, French, American, and German wines.  We tried a Vermentino from Italy, which paired incredibly well with the chilled potato-leek soup.  I highly recommend both!

And what's the kicker?  Prices are SO reasonable!  It's definitely a place that you can kick back, relax, and enjoy tasting some great wines/beer and food without ruining the budget.  Bon Appetit!

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