Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine Country Style... Literally!

Have you ever dreamed about living in Napa and Sonoma's Wine Country?  Perhaps you've skimmed through pages of Sunset magazine, dreaming for the day you can live like a Californian...  Well, wait no more!  I recently found Kohl's Sonoma Life and Style collection for fashion and home decor.  And I have to say, it's not only affordable, but also slightly reminiscent of my life in Napa.  Just recently I purchased a necklace for $12 and I wish I had that to wear while I worked in Napa.  :)  It's like taking a piece of Wine Country style for half the price!  :)  And who doesn't like that?  Perhaps you'll find something you enjoy, too!

SONOMA life + style Orchid Shower Curtain
Chic Orchid Shower Curtain - Orchid's are a thing of the west

SONOMA life + style Petaluma Bath Towels
I saw a lot of dark brown and blue combos out there

SONOMA life + style Leaf and Striped Bath Coordinates
This would've gone perfectly in my Napa Valley house!

SONOMA outdoors Fire Pit
I can't walk by a fire pit without thinking of California ($110)

SONOMA life + style Single Bogo Ottoman
As space is tight out there, you learn to store things in unusual places!

SONOMA life + style Wine Rack
Can you live in CA without one of these?

SONOMA life + style Gold Tone Hammered Disc Multistrand Necklace
Pendants were a big thing out there... or so it seemed

SONOMA life + style Silver Tone Long Y Necklace
I just liked this one.  :)

Want to look for more?  Visit your nearest Kohl's (there's always stuff on sale... like those ottomans...) or visit Kohls.com!

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