Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's in My Glass Wednesdays! 2010 Cabernet Franc Dry Rose by Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery

I posted a wine by Nimble Hill Vineyard and Winery several weeks ago: 2009 Gewurz.  But I couldn't go without highlighting their 2010 Cabernet Franc Dry Rose.  I've heard several wine experts and wine writes discuss how Cab Franc can be a perfect base for a dry rose, especially in the Eastern U.S.  I told you all that I'd be drinking a dry rose this week! :)

2010 Dry Rose of Cabernet Franc by Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery
(Photo by "Johnny Depp")

2010 Dry Rose of Cabernet Franc by Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery

The D-2010 Scale 
2010 Dry Rose of Cabernet Franc by Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery (Pennsylvania)
Appearance (10 points possible): pale pink/peach color, clear - 10 points
Aroma/Bouquet (20 points possible): Fresh cut strawberries, light citrus, light cream attribute. - 15 points
Taste (10 points possible):  Medium bodied and forward with strong strawberry flavors.  A creamy mouthfeel that makes this wine feel like a strawberry pie (without the sugary syrupy sweetness).  Wine is almost dry (I think there's gotta be a slight residual sugar in this, but not enough to classify it as an "off-dry" or "semi-sweet" - barely noticeable, I suppose) and soft in the finish.  - 9 points
Balance (5 points possible): As is, I think this wine is well-balanced.  - 5 points
Finish (5 points possible):  Strong strawberry flavor with a creamy, soft, lingering finish. - 4 points
Packaging *Introduction to the D-2010 Scale*
Quality of Package (5 points possible):  Beautifully white long-necked bottle ("Rhine shaped") characteristic of aromatic white varieties.  Topped with a Nomacorc and a clear capsule. - 5 points
Label Marketability (10 points possible):  Traditional, classic Nimble Hill Label.  I like this label, but for this wine, I think it needs something to make it pop! - 6 points
Other (5 points possible):  There's no extras on this bottle. - 3 points
Total Points: 87 points
Overall Thought: This is definitely a wine worth buying.  It's unique and it caught my eye (and palate).  There's not much I'd change about the wine style - I think it is better than great, as it is.  The packaging is a little off for the style (in my humble opinion), but I believe this is selling well, and why ruin a good thing?  This is what I'd call "a wine with character."  There's something to discuss here.  I brought this wine to a dinner date and the first thing out of "Johnny Depp's" mouth was, "Wow."  It's surprising, refreshing, and quite lovely.  Definitely a must-buy.
Food Pairings:  As you can see from the above image, we used the wine with our spicy Thai food.  It paired well!  I'm also liking this wine with salads (even though salads are hard to pair) with a matching strawberry vinaigrette.  It's also "soup season" in my kitchen: I think this would be lovely with home-made wonton soup or a garlicy broth.  Is anyone thinking Provencal cuisine?  (I am!)
Cost: $14
Splurge Factor (out of 4): 1 - I'm very comfortable in this price range, especially for a wine of this quality.
Where to buy:  Check out Nimble Hill's website for a listing of their retail markets.

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