Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wine-Ware with Arthur Court Designs: Alternative Metal Ware

I came across this artist, Arthur Court Designs, while traveling through Florida.  The pieces were quite catchy and reasonably priced.  What's great is that each hand-made piece is something for your dinner table.  I loved the Grape Leaf Collection!

While browsing through their webpage, I found that this husband and wife pair are artists in San Francisco, California.  Not too far from Wine Country!  However, all of their pieces are inspired by nature, and they have made a commitment towards being a Green company.  Kudos to them and their art.  I hope you enjoy!  All photos are from Arthur Court Designs.

My favorite piece: Grape 3-Leaf Server

Grape Leaf Serving Platter

Grape Leaf Oblong Serving Tray

Grape Cheese Servers

Grape Sugar and Creamer Set
I just thought this was cool: Savannah Stand with Acrylic Bowl

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