Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are You an Oenophile? Thrifty Wine Gear from Oenophilia

Are you ever looking for fun, unique wine accessories?  Well, look no longer!  Check out Oenophilia!  I LOVE this website.  I often find myself picking up funky wine gear with an "Oenophilia" label on the back.  Prices range according to what it is you're looking at, but some of these things are reasonably priced.  And as I mentioned, you can find some of their stuff at your local winery or wine store.

Here are some of my favorite things, but I'm sure you'll find some surprises as well:

Bottle Gallery

Bali 10 Avocado
Bali Wine Rack in Avacado ($60)
[I LOVE this for the modern wine home]

Eros Corkscrew Assorted Colors Bulk in Display
Eros Cork Screws Multi-Colored! ($7)

Glass Swirl Stoppers
Glass Swirl Stoppers ($10)

Saint & Sinner Stopper Set
Saint & Sinner Wine Stoppers ($15)

Matisse Mini Bottle Tea Light Holders
Mini Bottle Tea Light Holders ($6.50)

Harlequin Bottle Tea Light Holder
Harlequin Bottle Tea Light Holders ($10)

Neptuno Cheese Tools
Neptuno Cheese Tools ($32)

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