Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wine Defects App

If you're like every other person with an iPhone (I actually do not have a smart phone... I'm weird, I know), you can now download a Wine Defects App.  (And if you're a beer fan, there's a Beer Defects App, too!)  You can have it all forever for only $1.99 from Applied Sensory.

(Photos from Applied Sensory)

Wine defects are important for the consumer to know.  It will help you be aware of separating out the good from the bad.  And this app is a nice way to help define common problems affiliated with wine.  (You thought it was all good wine, didn't you?!)  :)

This phone application identifies the most common wine defects, their speculated thresholds, what makes up their odor, their chemical formula, how to fix them, etc.  It's the perfect app for all those wine geeks out there!  I've attached some of the screen shots that are attached on the company's webpage for you to review before purchasing this phone app for you iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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