Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update Your Wine Glasses

Many people ask me where to get the best wine glasses, and I usually provide the same ol' answer.  I have no idea what the best glasses are or where to get them.  However, there is a brand that has become fairly popular among the wine industry: Riedel.  The good news is, you can buy these almost anywhere.  Even Target carries the series.  The bad news is the price.  Most sets of 4 cost about $40.  

I myself have a set of Riedel Glasses.  I have a set for the Cabernet variety.  Yes... that's right.  Riedel actually makes glasses that are "perfect" for the wine variety you are trying:

Riedel Wine Glasses
The Riedel Glass (Variety) Series
(Photo from squidoo.com)

So you can see where the wine collector can go a bit overboard.  I myself believe that if you have a good red wine glass (like the "Bordeaux" variety) and a good white wine glass (like the "Riesling") then you are good to for simplicity sake.  If you really want to get into it, then knock yourself out buying a set of 4 of each variety of wine you typically drink.  =)  (And then please invite me over for a tasting!)

Riedel glass is thin.  Although I give Riedel credit for saying most of their stuff is dishwasher safe, I've actually never put my glasses into the dishwasher.  I only was them by hand.  And I either air dry them (by hanging them upside down in a wine glass rack) or set them on a new, fresh paper towel folded once.  If you let them dry on a previously-used towel, the glass will start to pick up the odor of the used towel. 

Also note that these glasses are BIG.  They aren't your wimpy wine glass anymore.  And you should only fill them about 1/4 full (as shown in the above image). 

I give Riedel credit for extending their portfolio in the past years and introducing us to some classy and trendy new glass styles.  Everything from the entry level glass sets to the fine, elegant glass sets.  Wine tumblers to chic, somewhat stemmed glasses in the Tyrol series:

Tyrol Series - Note the little platform at the bottom of the glass
(Photofrom Google Images)

Regardless of which you choose to invest in (as they are investment pieces in my mind), they do add a touch of class to when you serve wine to guests.  And then everyone is afraid of breaking the glasses.  =)

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