Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach Wine Cocktail

I'm definitely late on my posting today!  It must have been do to my obviously beach-relaxing weekend.  :)  Which brings me to day's post: a wine cocktail fit for the beach!  Picture this... a hot, sunny afternoon, crystal clear beaches across the horizon, white sand beneath your feet... ahh... yes... summer is in the air!  What better way to refresh yourself than a wine cocktail?  (Although, I highly recommend bringing some water as well and keeping yourself hydrated!)

Your Day Away at the Beach...
(Photo by author)

Beach Wine Cocktail
-1 plastic cup
-fill halfway with ice
-fill 2/3 way with Andre sparkling wine
-fill remaining 1/3 with 100% cranberry juice (no sugar added) or cranberry cocktail juice (if you want something sweeter)

Cranberry Sparkling Wine Cocktail - The Icy Cold Refreshing Drink at the Beach
(Photo from Google Images)

The kicker with this wine cocktail is that it is cost-effective for a day at the beach.  Andre sparkling wine (in any variety) costs about $6 per bottle depending on which store you purchase from, and you can buy it across the U.S.  So it's readily available.  There's some slight sweetness to these sparkling wines, which adds to the refreshing nature of this cocktail, and it's nice and fruity!  Last bonus - no need to use sparkling wine glasses here... you're at the beach!  Use something fun... as wine can be fun, too!

Andre Sparkling Wine
(Photo from Google Images)

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