Monday, April 25, 2011

Modernize Your Wine Drinking Experience with Wine Tumblers

I told you I was going to post this once I saw the picture for the Easter meal.  :)  This are fun, "new" wine glasses that are really hitting home.  People seem to love them because they are easy to clean, the stems don't beak, and easier to store.  Plus, you can find them anywhere now.  They make great gifts for your fellow wine drinker.

I believe the original thought was that by allowing the warmth from your hands to touch the glass, it helps the aromas/flavors from red wine concentrate in the glass.  (In less scientific terms, this means that as the wine warms up, more smells radiate out of the wine.)  However, now they make tumblers for red and white wine.  

The only down side is that your finger prints get all over the glass, which eliminates the point of looking at the wine while it is sitting in the glass.  However, that would probably only matter to your big-time wine connoisseurs.  Even I find these things fun!  They're perfect for family gatherings, spring-time outdoor lunches, small gatherings, etc.  

Here's a list of some places you can find wine tumblers!  Cheers!

Set of 2 for $13 at

Set of 2 Riedel Tumblers for $24 on

List of Wine Tumblers and Prices at 
(Also available at your nearest Target store)

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  1. I first saw these in Italy. That style rolls around but won't spill (Italians don't like to waste a drop of good wine!) Ray and I got our first at the "Hippie Winery", Long Trout. Now we have a set that matches our fun Mikasa glasses.