Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Add Bottlebras to Your Leftover Wine Bottles

Have you ever wondered how to make those beautiful wine bottles into elegant candle holders?  Why not try a few of these bottlebras from Northern Lights Candles?


These things work great.  After thoroughly cleaning out a bottle, you can add these pieces into the neck of the bottle, and add your favorite candle - tea light or elongated candle.  It makes a project like this:

(Photo from Google Images)

...seem just a bit easier.  Where do you use these bottlebras?  How about on the Thanksgiving table?  Or out on the patio/deck table with an anti-bug candle?  You could even use these to help decorate a wine-themed wedding or dinner event.

This would be a lot easier with a real candle holder
(Photo from Google Images)

Another good way to recycle your botles
(Photo from Google Images)

Dinner for two?
(Photo from Google Images)

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