Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recycle Your Wine Crates

Sometimes Pinterest has a host of good ideas.  (Remember, I'm on Pinterest - "Denise Gardner" and "Denise's Press Fractions" is one of my many boards.)  Recently, I found a picture of wine crates being recycled as shelves:

Wine Crate Shelves
(Photo from apartmenttherapy.com)

This led me to check out the link and see what else I could find.  I can't believe how many people are out there with DIY projects involving wine crates.  Some of them are pretty neat!  Here are my favorites:

Bathroom Wine Crate Shelves... and General Bathroom Storage. How Awesome!
If I had a home, I would totally do this.
(Photo from apartmenttherapy.com)

Wine Crate Garden Box
This is perfect to place on a deck and hold summer herbs
(Photo from apartmenttherapy.com)

More examples of the wine crate garden:
So, so cute!  Can you see little tags of what these vegetables are in each of the boxes?
(Photo from Style-Files)

Beautiful spring set
(Photo from prettyhandygirl.com)

Deck Garden
(Photo from stitchawishdesigns.com)

Perfect for magazine racks or kids' storage
(Photo from apartmenttherapy.com)

For those that are creative and artistic, try these wine crate light boxes
(Photo from apartmenttherapy.com)

Need some shelves?
(Photo from Lifehacker.com)

A neat display for a wedding
(Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs)


  1. Very creative! Now all I need is a wine crate!

  2. Very nice. I like how you made a collection of all the unique wine crate projects that can be done! I'm especially fond of the Spring set.