Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bamboo Wine Chock

This is one of those things I saw in a fashion magazine and thought it was interesting.  It's a wine chock, which is a shaped support system to hold wine bottles.  In this case, it holds the wine bottles in a pyramid structure.  I like it because it's super flexible - you can fold it up and store in the home or take with you to any particular outing.  It easily holds up to six bottles on its bamboo support system.  I'd use it as a gift for your wine savvy friends, or a newly married couple, that they may not be expecting.  

It's also a great idea for those you know that store no more than about half a case of wine at a time.  This provides easy an comfortable storage on any counter top.  Cheers to that!
Wine Chock by David Lapin ($25)
(Photos from MoMA Store)

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