Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where to go for wine reviews if you live in Pennsylvania...

It's been a long time since I lived in Pennsylvania... and some days, it wears on me as a wine buyer.  I still find it difficult to pick out wines at the state stores - they aren't organized, I question storage conditions, cashiers are rude, I get disgruntled (yes, I said "disgruntled").  :)  I guess if you never leave Pennsylvania, one doesn't quite realize how easy many other states have it.  If you leave Pennsylvania, return to Pennsylvania, or move into Pennsylvania... well... then... you get it.  Recently, a colleague of mine said he had found some of the best reviews for the PLCB State Stores in terms of wine selections.  So I thought I'd share this wealth of information with the rest of my readers.  Follow Craig LaBan from  You can even follow him on Twitter!  I've recently started following his posts, and I can assure you that as a PA resident... you won't be disappointed.  :)  I loved his recent post on the 4 best restaurants in Philadelphia!

Craig LeBan is a columnist from
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Cheers to Thursday!  One more day until Friday!! :)

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