Monday, April 30, 2012

Wine Glass Tethers

I'm a big fan of Real Simple magazine, and was cracking up when I found this wine glass steadler in the magazine:

Wine Glass Tether
(Photo from Google Images)

These simple, rubber pieces help keep your lower-end wine glasses from clinking around in the dishwasher.  Now one should never machine wash really nice glasses, but for those that are more inexpensive, there's nothing wrong with running some of your glasses through the dishwasher. sells a 4-pack of these tethers for $12.99.

While I was on that website, I also found these:
Wine Bottle Neck Ring
(Photo from
Which would be perfect for my fridge because I have bottles rolling around everywhere!!!  These bottle neck holders can also be found on  I do think this is a great idea, actually. 


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