Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tasting Room Treasures: Meadowbrooke Gourds

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I found these precious decorations in a Napa Valley store and absolutely fell in love with them.  They represent the quintessential Wine Country style for holiday decor.  It brings that natural, classy, country look to any home in any part of the U.S. 

What I absolutely love about Meadowbrooke Gourds is that each individual gourd is hand crafted from start to finish (including the paint!) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  I have to show off the representation of Pennsylvania crafts in Wine Country, USA!  I think this is fabulous!

Such additions would be perfect for Pennsylvania winery tasting rooms.  These are fun, seasonal items, that match the fun and sophistication of wine.  And, oh, so cute!

My first addition to my Napa Valley home was "Traditional Jack."
Halloween Traditional Jack O Lantern Gourd
(All photos from Meadowbrooke Gourds)

But here are some of my favorites:
Halloween Black Cat Raven Small
Raven Small

Candy Dishes
Fall Candy Dishes!

Casper Jacks
Casper Jack Ghost Gourds

Vine Luminary
Vine Luminary 
(Perfectly matched to all those grapes hanging outside!)

Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf Gourds

The Bear Collection

Jolly St. Nick
The St. Nick Christmas Collection

Ornaments by Jessie
Ornaments by Jessie Gourds


Murphy Lit Gourd Dog

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