Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcoming Fall to Napa Valley

I thought it was time to capture some of the surrounding beauty of the valley to share with others.  It's one of my favorite times of year here.  The weather gets chilly, the valley starts to smell of fermentation, some of the grass starts to grow back, and the leaves actually change color.  Being from the Northeast, I'm afraid that I always look forward to the change of seasons from the hot, humid summers into the chilly, windy fall seasons.  I still remember being in State College, driving along Toftrees Ave. in the Fall with all the leaves speckling the sky with various colors.  And then... the snow hits!  

Out here, I'm afraid we don't see much snow.  But the Fall color brings me close to home.  It's the perfect time of the year to curl up with a book and read about wine fermentation.  =)

Great Fall-related places to visit in Napa Valley: BV Winery and Grgich Winery (for the change of leaf color on their walls), Rubicon Estate (for the driveway of trees with Fall colors), Rutherford Hill Winery or Sterling Winery (for the view of the valley as the Autumn colors rush in), Beringer Winery (for the spectacular Summer gardens that slowly change into Fall), Chateau Montelena (for the magical feeling you get while standing outside the luxurious old building in the chilled Fall air), and Trefethen Winery (for the leaf covered road that it is located on - Oak Knoll Ave.).  Of course, Sonoma County also hosts a variety of Fall-Friendly wineries... but that's a whole other adventure. 

Corner of BV Winery

The Rhine House - Beringer Winery

Some Autumn Color at Beringer

More Fall Color at Beringer

Fall Color in Napa Valley (View from Sterling Winery)

Oak Knoll Ave. which hosts Trefethen Winery 
with a lovely row of additional trees that decorate the driveway

The fall colors with ripening grapes

The Autumn sun setting on the Napa Valley

Oak Knoll Ave.

More color, which appears to be leafroll virus

(All photos taken by author)

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