Friday, October 15, 2010

Wine Book to Read: Secrets from The Wine Diva by Christine Ansbacher

In a recent conversation I was having with a Sommelier friend of a mine, I realized that there are probably 2 types of wine educators out there: those that love the pretentiousness of wine and those that love to teach about wine (and enjoy it).  That has led me to introduce this book, Secrets from the Wine Diva, that exemplifies the use of "fun wine teaching" and enjoyment of it.

[A Sommelier, for those who are uncertain, is a wine professional that specializes in wine service and food and wine pairings.  You often see these professionals in high end restaurants, especially when a wine list is presented as you take your seat.  They are very fluent in wine varieties, regions, styles, etc.]

Anyway - back to the purpose of this blog, which is about Secrets from the Wine Diva!  We used to joke about this little guide while I worked in a winery years ago, but I found that it's the optimal size and perfect language for those who want to feel more confident in their wine purchases.  And it's fun!  (Always my favorite thing about wine...) 

The guide covers everything from expanding your wine education, purchasing wine at restaurants, pairing wines with foods, shopping for wine at the grocery store, creating your own "wine cellar" (of all sizes and magnitudes), and planning wine-based travels.  I really love this guide!  It not only explains how to say certain wine words, but also lists tips to remembering wine words.  For the most common varieties, Christine highlights typical mouthfeel styles (i.e. light, medium, or full bodied) and how those styles are associated with food pairings.  For anyone that wanted to understand wine, feel confident making wine purchases, or needed extra help throwing a wine party, Secrets from the Wine Diva is an excellent choice got get started!

Secrets from the Wine Diva: Tips on Buying, Ordering & Enjoying Wine
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The book appears targeted towards women, but there are also very many useful tips in here for men.  (Maybe just buy the book for your lady friend and sneak peaks whenever you need to use it! ;)  And for all those single guys out there, knowing a thing or two about wine helps to impress the ladies...)  

Another great point - it's thrifty!  Sticker price is $14.95, but of course, there's always a bargain out there somewhere. features this book for under $11:

Cheers everyone!

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