Friday, October 8, 2010

Wine Activity (All over the place!): More Wine Festivals

It's another fabulous weekend for wine festivals.  Here's a list of some "thrifty" wine activities for Oct. 9th and 10th:

Saturday, Oct. 9th: Black Dog Wine & Beach Festival at Chateau Morrisette
Cost: $15 for advance registration, $20 at gate (DD is $15 regardless)
(Pictures from Chateau Morrisette Website)

Napa Valley, California
Saturday, Oct. 9th and Sunday, Oct. 10th: Comfort Food at Wineries of Napa Valley
Food & Wine Education: Please join us on a crisp autumn day to enjoy a taste of Comfort Foods and sip some wonderful Napa Valley Wines. $10.00 to taste five wines with some favorite Comfort Foods. No reservations required. Comfortable outdoor patio, indoor seating, wine tasting, Wi-Fi access & wine bar. 1285 Napa Town Center, Napa, CA. 4 PM - 6 PM
Cost: $10

Saturday, Oct. 9th: Cabernet Library Tasting at St. Suprey
Wine Education: Here in a private, seated tasting you are able to become familiar with the difference a year makes - experience how full bodied Napa Valley Estate Cabernets develop over time. Trying multiple vintages of these Estate Cabernets is truly a unique experience you won’t soon forget. 8440 St. Helena Hwy. Rutherford, CA

Cost: $35

Saturday, Oct. 9th: Harvest & Wine Fest at Tuckhannock Rotary
Cost: $15 for advance registration, $25 at gate (DD is $5)

Saturday, Oct. 9th and Sunday, Oct. 10: Artisan Wine & Cheese Pairing by The Berks County Wine Trail
LOVE this event - some of my favorite wineries, and very close to my heart!  Tour also includes a visitation to the NEW Blair VIneyards Winery.
Cost: $10 for advance registration, $15 at gate

Saturday, Oct. 9th and Sunday, Oct. 10: Harvest Festival Weekend at Shade Mountain Winery
Cost: ???

Berks County Wine Trail Logo
(Picture from 

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