Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thrifty Wine Gear: Wine Country Gift Baskets

For me, the end of October starts birthday and holiday shopping.  And sometimes, I need a quick idea.  As I've been known to be a firm food and wine "enjoyer" (if you will), I find that giving the gift of food and wine is always a good idea. 

I've been a fan of Wine Country Gift Baskets for about 3 years now.  It has something listed for all occasions, all ages, and all budgets! Gifts do not always include wines.  The company is called Wine Country Gift Baskets and hence captures the nuances of Wine Country (figuratively speaking) with great food, classic chocolates, teas, coffees, wines, spa treatments, and special knickknacks that make everyone happy.  Plus, they often feature a "Deal of the Day" in which an item has a reduced price and usually includes free shipping.  That's another bonus with Wine Country Gift Baskets - they rotate those gifts that include free shipping.  Who doesn't like to save on shipping?  This place is hassle free (no running to the mall or outlets to quickly find a gift) and sophisticated or fun presents galore!  (Special note: if you are shipping to a state that has alcohol shipping regulations, the website will tell you whether or not the delivery can be made to a specific address.)

I've purchased several variations of gifts from Wine Country Gift Baskets over the years for all sorts of friends and family members, and I've usually gotten rave reviews from everyone.  Here are some of my favorites (All pictures are from the Wine Country Gift Baskets website:

Gifts Under $25 (I do enjoy being thrifty!)
Halloween House Kit
Halloween Gift Kit (It is Halloween after all - $15.95)
And what a cute, fun gift for your younger nieces and nephews!

Commuter's Collection
Commuter's Collection Gift Basket (Quite Californian... where everyone commutes - $18.87)
Perfect for a new graduate who just got their new job!

Gifts $25 to $39.95 (For when you need something a little extra special...)

Salami & Cheese
Salami & Cheese Gift Basket (Perfect for guys - $29.95)

Weekend in Tuscany
Weekend in Tuscany Gift Basket (Perfect for one of your girl friends... or for all those Italian lovers out there... or for someone who needs a taste of getting away - $34.95)

Soup's On
Soup's On Gift Basket (It is soup season... bring on those colds! - $29.95)

Hello Kitty Brut Rose 1 Bottle
Hello Kitty Brut Rose (Hey, Hello Kitty is popular these days - $29.95)

Gifts $40 - $49.95 (The end of my budget...)

Breakfast Delight
Breakfast Delight Gift Basket (2 words: How Romantic - $49.95)
What a perfect Napa Valley anniversary - lots of good treats, coffee and tea, breakfast in bed, and maybe a nice mimosa!

Cliffside Chardonnay Birthday Collection
Cliffside Chardonnay Birthday Collection (A birthday for someone special - also comes in a "red wine version" - $49.95)

Season's Greetings Gift Basket (When you need something special and classy - note on the Godiva Gems - they rock! - $49.95)

The Splurges (Just in case you need something classy...)
The Great Escape
The Great Escape (Love the Cru de Provence jasmine and lavender spa kit, quite chic if 
I do say so myself - $99.95) 

Godiva Pure Decadence with Fonseca Port - Available 10/30/2010
Govida Pure Decadence with Fonseca Port (I really like the chocolate/port pairing here - $110.00)

Sky's The Limit with Cliqout, Jordan & Sonoma
Sky's the Limit with Cliqout, Jordan, & Sonoma (When you need some really nice wines... and don't mind paying for this puppy - $350.00)

Ok... maybe I went a bit overboard with my favorites.  :)


  1. I LOVE wine gift baskets. I love looking at the catalog but sadly they can't ship Pennsylvania. UGH!!!!

  2. Umm...This blog is a surprise...Denise you are so...I really don't know.;) Thanks for turning me on to the Hello Kitty sparkling though.

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