Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Wine News You Can Use: DrinkLocalWine.Com Regional Wine Week

To contribute to's recent effort to increase awareness of all those fabulous undiscovered treasures out there, I'll be submitting entries to from October 9th to the 15th.  For more information, read the blurb below, check out's website, or send me a question in the "Comments" section below.  Get pumped, Pennsylvania - I have some treasures for you!

47 Word contest highlights fourth annual Regional Wine Week

DrinkLocalWine hosts its fourth annual Regional Wine Week from Sunday, Oct. 9 through Saturday, Oct. 15, where wine writers, bloggers and enthusiasts share information about wine from “The Other 47” states (excluding California, Washington and Oregon), providing a one-stop shop to see what’s cutting edge in regional wine.

DrinkLocalWine invites consumers to join the fun during Regional Wine Week and share stories and personal anecdotes about their local pour in 47 words. DrinkLocalWine’s 47 Words Contest kicks off Oct. 9 and ends Oct. 15.

The rules are simple: Write 47 words following the theme that there are hidden gems among the other 47 wine producing states.  If you know one of those gems, whether it's a wine, a producer or a region, tell us about it in 47 words. Entries are due by midnight ET on Oct. 15; email them to us.

DrinkLocalWine board members will select winners based on creativeness, inventiveness and whether they’re 47 words long.  Prizes for the winners include:

• Tickets to DLW 2012: Colorado, the fourth annual regional wine conference in Denver in April 2012.

• Autographed copies of Todd Kliman's best-selling book, The Wild Vine.

• Copies of The Sipping Point, written by Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach, as well as two combo packs of the book and her DVD.

• Packages of Wine Shields, the innovative way to preserve open wine.

During Regional Wine Week, writers across the U.S. post stories about their favorite regional and local wines, wineries, and events to their blogs, Web sites, magazines, and newspapers. Then, the DrinkLocalWine website aggregates the stories, providing a snapshot of regional wine. Over the past three years, writers from across the country have covered dozens of states.

The only rule? That the blog post or article be about something that isn’t from California, Washington or Oregon. And anyone -- whether professional wine writer or not -- can submit a story to be linked to on the DrinkLocalWine site.

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  1. Also a reminder that October 15th is Pennsylvania wine day! Make sure you celebrate accordingly. More information is available at: