Friday, October 14, 2011

Regional Wine Week: Manatawny Creek Winery is hosting "Regional Wine Week" across the U.S. from October 9th through the 15th, so this week, all my blog posts will focus on Pennyslvania and its wine industry.  However, visit the website to see more blog posts about wines across the U.S - all those states we don't hear too much about in the wine world.  Remember that October 15th is Pennsylvania Wine Day, and make sure to cheers Pennsylvania wine, no matter where you are!

My life in the wine industry started with Manatawny Creek Winery in Douglassville, Pennsylvania (about an hour east of Philadelphia).  It was the first winery that captivated me into the world of wine.  And through my childhood into my adulthood, the people at Manatawny Creek Winery kept me coming back year after year after year to learn more.  To this day, I still learn from them, and still appreciate the wines they are making.  Joanne Levengood, the winemaker, has an obsession with purple.  So when you walk into the tasting room, get ready to get purpled!  And remember to have some fun.  After all, it's only wine!  Here's an inside look at Manatawny Creek Winery:

Flowers in the parking area

The observation vineyard at Manatawny Creek Winery
During the start of the growing season

The entrance into Manatawny Creek Winery

Welcome sign

Love the little details to pricing all the wine gear throughout the tasting room

A crisp harvest day filled with local grape-picking volunteers

The creek that runs towards the tasting room during the harvest season

This is another winery where I think there is something for everyone.  Every other year the Chardonnay is either oaked or un-oaked to express the traditional buttery/oaky taste of Chardonnay that some people love or express the fruit that is becoming more popular.  The Blanc de Blanc (bubbly) is one of my favorite made by the traditional method... or if you're a sweeter-bubbly drinker, try the Sparkling Raspberry to start out your tasting.  Soleils Jumeaux ("twin suns") is one of the more popular white blends that almost everyone ends up liking.  If you are in the mood for more traditional, red European varieties, there are a series of Cabs, Merlot, and Syrah available in addition to The Trio and Meritage blend.  But if you're into those sweeter wines, make sure to try the Blue Bear Ease or Razz Bear Ease.  Either way,  end your tasting with a sip of Cabernet Franc Port and a piece of local chocolate.  Or try one of the dessert wines: Honey Wine, The End, or Muscat (my personal favorite!). 

On Monday, I'll feature an "all-local" meal with Manatawny Creek Winery's 2008 Syrah.  Nonetheless, I hope you have enjoyed Regional Wine Week featuring 5 fantastic Pennsylvania wineries.  But don't stop with these suggestion.  Pennsylvania now offers over 150 wineries across the state, some of which are just opening in the coming months!  For more information on Pennsylvania wine, please visit and remember to "cheers" to Pennsylvania wine tomorrow for Pennsylvania Wine Day!

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