Monday, October 17, 2011

A Local Wine Meal

Hopefully everyone enjoyed last week's Regional Wine Week Features that was hosted by DrinkLocalWine.Com.  I thought I'd get this week started by focusing on an "all-local" dinner for one (or two if you have someone to share this with).

In California, it was easy to swing the whole "Eat and Drink Local" mentality because everywhere you turned were local food markets and wineries.  :)  Not to mention the local olive oil producers, local cheese manufacturers, and local sparkling water producers:

Calistoga Water Plant - Water Delivery Statue
(Photo by author)

But in other areas, the "Eat and Drink Local" mentality can be a little bit more difficult.  I remember the farmer's market days in Virginia... also easy to come by local goods.  And when I drive through Biglerville, Pennsylvania, I'm often reminded of all the fresh produce (especially apples) that are plentiful this 2011 harvest season.

So I made it an effort to try something local for an evening.  I suppose it's not all "local" (as in within 20 minutes of my house) as I traveled throughout the state of Pennsylvania and picked up those goods that I could only purchase in that area.  Here's what I came up with:

Tada!  My Eat Local/Drink Local Dinner for One!
(Photo by author)

What did my simple dinner include, you ask?  Answer:
Wine: Manatawny Creek Winery 2008 Syrah from Douglassville, PA 
Apples: from Biglerville, PA - some of the best apples in the world
White Cheddar Cheese: Berkey Creamery from State College, PA
Jalapeno-Pimento Cheddar Cheese: Berkey Creamery from State College, PA

And all that I have to say at the end of the night is... yuuuummmm....  :)  Give this a try!  I'm sure you'll be amazed what fun combinations of food you can come up with!  Post here if you have an awesome suggestion.  (P.S. I know I should have included a veggie... but I didn't have any...  AND in case you are wondering apples and cheddar cheese are FANTASTIC pairings)

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