Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Regional Wine Week: South Shore Wine Company is hosting "Regional Wine Week" across the U.S. from October 9th through the 15th, so this week, all my blog posts will focus on Pennyslvania and its wine industry.  However, visit the website to see more blog posts about wines across the U.S - all those states we don't hear too much about in the wine world.  Remember that October 15th is Pennsylvania Wine Day, and make sure to cheers Pennsylvania wine, no matter where you are!

One of my favorite tasting rooms in Erie, Pennsylvania is the South Shore Wine Company, which is owned by Mazza Vineyards.  There is a lot of history in this tasting room, which was established in 1864.  South Shore Wine Company was actually Pennsylvania's first commercial winery, which was in full production until Prohibition.  Eventually the upstairs was used as an inn, restaurant, and local banquet hall.  Today, you can enjoy your favorite soup and sandwich on the lovely, airy veranda (and I highly recommend this).  Here's a small look at the wine cellar at South Shore Wine Company:

The staircase down into the wine cellar

The wine cellar entrance at South Shore Wine Company

The tasting bar at South Shore Wine Company

Some old barrel art

I highly suggest a pairing between South Shore Wine Company's Lemberger and Noiret.  These are two varieties that Erie grows very well and are quite tasty!  The Noiret, especially, is incredibly nice: full-bodied, spicy, and full of fruit.  These varieties are definitely worth eating with your red meats, heavy chicken dishes, bar-b-q's and your favorite pizza or pasta dish.

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  1. Hello! My family owns the South Shore Wine Company, and I've linked to this blog on our facebook page (Mazza Wines.) Thanks so much for visiting and for the wonderful write-up. Happy wine drinking! Cheers

    Vanessa Mazza