Sunday, October 9, 2011

Regional Wine Week: Pinnacle Ridge Winery is hosting "Regional Wine Week" across the U.S. from October 9th through the 15th, so this week, all my blog posts will focus on Pennyslvania and its wine industry.  However, visit the website to see more blog posts about wines across the U.S - all those states we don't hear too much about in the wine world.  Remember that October 15th is Pennsylvania Wine Day, and make sure to cheers Pennsylvania wine, no matter where you are!

Pinnacle Ridge Winery is located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, and is one that shouldn't be overlooked.  Winemaker, Brad Knapp is an expert in sparkling wine production, but he also puts great care and style into his still wines.  His goal: minimal intervention during production using traditional (old world) methods as much as possible.  Pinnacle Ridge focuses on wines made from Vitis vinifera (European) grapes, but you can find a few hybrid varieties thrown throughout the tasting sheet: Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc, Traminette, and Cayuga.  Here's a look at Pinnacle Ridge...

Pinnacle Ridge Winery

Entrance into Pinnacle Ridge Winery

The barrels and winemaker, Brad Knapp, on display in the tasting room

Welcome to Pinnacle Ridge!  I love this sign!

A touch of creativity at Pinnacle Ridge Winery

One of my favorite wines produced by Pinnacle Ridge Winery that I have gotten a chance to try is the 2008 Veritas.  Brad only makes the Veritas label on excellent vintage years, and the 2008 label is no exception.  Heavy, enticing, and dominant - this full-bodied wine is a good selection for those that enjoy deep and dark red wines.  Upon several minutes of letting the wine breathe, I found this wine to have fresh flavors of currants, berries, spice, green olives, burnt toast, and fresh oak with a slight hint of vanilla in the finish.  Definitely a wine worth pairing with steak, burgers, and heavy sauces.

2008 Veritas by Pinnacle Ridge
(All photos by author)

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