Monday, November 7, 2011

Modernize Your Home with Wooden Wine Racks

While out shopping, I found a 4-bottle wine rack holder at TJ Maxx (price was about $30):

Wooden Wine Holder at TJ Maxx
(Photo by author... on her trendy cell phone!)

This led me to thinking about all the possibilities for wooden wine racks out there.  Thus far, I've primarily focused on metal, wrought iron, glass, and trendy wine racks.  So I did some searches on the internet and here is what I found.  These are perfect for the country-style or traditional decor homes (as "Johnny Depp" says - the "classic" style):

Oenophilia Wooden Wine Rack - 10 Bottle in Natural
Wooden Wine Stand by Oenophilia ($39)

Stacks and Stacks 44 Bottle Wooden Wine Rack WR100
Stacks and Stacks Wooden Wine Rack ($35)
(Found on Google)

Acacia Wine Rack
(Product from Don't Blink)

Wood Wine Rack Coffee Table - I LOVE This Piece!


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  2. If you are a serious collector and want to store your wines for more than a year to maybe ten years, then you may need modular wine racks that hold hundreds of bottles of wine. A cellar or converted cellar measuring less than 3 meters square will easily hold 100 dozen bottle bottles or wine.