Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's in My Glass Wednesdays! 2010 Pinot Gris from Reuilly, France

It's not every day that you find a Kermit Lynch import while exploring for new wines to taste.  (For more information on Kermit Lynch, visit my previous blog post here that features his wine book.)  When I saw this one, I could resist!  Reuilly is a small region in France that produces Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio), Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir:

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2010 Pinot Gris from Reuilly, France

The D-2010 Scale 
2010 Pinot Gris a Kermit Lynch Import (Reuilly, France)
Appearance (10 points possible): slight pink/brown hue, and clear - 8 points
Aroma/Bouquet (20 points possible): Bright citrus and fresh apple.  Very subdued aroma, which is typical of Pinot Grigio. - 14 points
Taste (10 points possible):  Light, acidic and full of citrus flavor.  The middle of this wine reminds me of a fresh stream with round, clean pebbles at the bottom of it.  A relatively simple wine, but with some crisp minerality and liveliness in the finish.  - 8 points
Balance (5 points possible): The acid in this wine really sticks out, which is the only part that is really out of balance for this wine. - 4 points
Finish (5 points possible): Lingering citrus and light on the finish. - 4 points
Packaging *Introduction to the D-2010 Scale*
Quality of Package (5 points possible):  Nice clear glass that emphasizes the pinking of this Pinot Grigio.  Bottled with a technical cork and sealed with a golden capsule. - 5 points
Label Marketability (10 points possible):  This is a very traditional French label, but it has the variety added, which is untraditional for French labels.  But the "Imported by Kermit Lynch" really caught my eye in the wine store! - 8 points
Other (5 points possible):  There's no extras on this bottle! - 3 points
Total Points: 84 points
Overall Thought: I grabbed this Pinot Grigio because it was pinking (and because it was a Kermit Lynch wine), which sometimes happens to Pinot Grigio.  It's not really known how this happens, although there is some speculation about the reductive processing of the wine.  And of course, the pink color has no reflection on the quality of the wine.  Regardless, I really enjoyed this wine.  Most people found it too acidic, but it was nice to have something different!
Food Pairings:  I think this wine would go really nice with some light fish or a very garlic tasting soup!
Cost: $16.99
Splurge Factor (out of 4): 2 - I can see this being a risky buy for most consumers, especially when I found most people were looking for the Cupcake or the Barefoot wines!  :)  However, it's worth a try for someone that likes to try something new.
Where to buy:  I actually purchased this at a wine store in Massachusetts, so I'm sure that you'll be able to findi it occasionally in a wine store near you.  Or visit Kermit's website!

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