Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrifty Wine Gear: Quirky Corks

Here's something fun I found at a local tasting room that I couldn't resist snapping a picture of while I saw them.  What a great play on words:

(Photo by author)

What could be more fun than sarcastic corks?!  It makes the wine drinking experience all that more... well... quirky...  (sorry, I couldn't resist!)  I found a few on that were worth posting here... all that were about $8.00 per stopper (or cork).  :)

Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Happy Birthday Wine Stopper , 2-1/4-Inch
For those that have November birthdays....

Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Glass Half Wine Stopper , 2-1/4-Inch
For the optimist...

Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Cork in It Wine Stopper , 2-1/4-Inch
For after a long day in the office...

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