Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding Wine in Salem, MA

I'm a firm believer that you can find some wine and its lovers everywhere you go.  During my recent visit to Salem, Massachusetts, I found little pieces of wine everywhere!  Here's just a look of a few things I found while walking around the old-style town.  :)  Make sure you check out my review of Pamplemousse!

Wine bottle lights with a sea-lover's theme

 The Grapevine Restaurant

Wine Tasting at Pamplemousse!

Neat wine gear at Pamplemousse

Holiday wine glasses (Naughty and Nice) and wine coasters at Pamplemousse

Santa hat wine stoppers at Pamplemousse

The outside of Pamplemousse
(All photos by author)

I absolutely loved the Pamplemousse store, which is found in the historic Derby Square of Salem, Massachusetts.  Not only is the front part covered with fun foodie treats and trinkets, but the inner part of the store is covered with select wines and craft brews.  If you're in the Salem, MA area, this is definitely a store where you can find a present for all your friends and family.  Or at the very least, you can meander through the store and make up a personalized gift basket: nice red wine, holiday bottle stopper, 2 wine glasses, 18 flavored sea salts, and chocolate dipped cookies! 

Or put a funny gift together for your favorite girlfriend: 2 bottles of wine, some glasses, and her own wine record book:

Wine records at Pamplemousse

The possibilities are endless!  There are even some fun spices or spice containers that you can add to your holiday-gifts-to-buy list.  Or add 2 flexible egg poacher containers for all those egg lovers that you know.  Know a couple where the wife loves wine and the husband loves beer?  Do a mix basket of both some fun craft beers and an unique bottle of wine.

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