Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of [Wine] Christmas: Day 2 - Wine Logs & Record Books

Here's a fun gift you can give your friends that allows them to start recording what it is they taste.  This can be a lot of fun for those people that taste lots of different wines, and like to keep track of what it is they buy and taste.  I found this simple version of a wine record book while touring around Salem, MA:

Rate That Wine Pad 
(Photo by author)
Purchase on Knock Knock Pads ($8)

But there are other options.  Wine Enthusiast features 2 leather bound wine and spirits journals:

Leather Bound Wine Journal
(Photo from Wine Enthusiast - $35)

Spirits Journal
(Photo from Wine Enthusiast - $35)

Or check out this trendy option from Amazon.com:
Wine Journal
Wine Journal
(Photo from Amazon.com - $11)

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