Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Days of [Wine] Christmas: Day 5 - Who's Been Naughty and Nice Wine Glasses?

Here's something cute for one of your girlfriends or your favorite wine enthusiast couple: naughty and nice glasses!  I think these are super cute and definitely catch the holiday spirit.  :)  The pair I found in Salem came with or without gold trim and were very stylish wine glasses.  However, I found some additional fun naughty/nice wine glasses online!  Check them out below!

Naughty & Nice Glasses at Pamplemousse (Salem, MA) - $34
(Photo by author)

1 Glass, 2 Words - $20
(Photo from Gifts to Adore)

Lolita Naughty and Nice Wine Glass
Lolita Naughty/Nice Wine Glass - $30
(Photo from

(Photo from Shop Glitzy Glam) - $30

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