Monday, December 5, 2011

12 Days of [Wine] Christmas: Day 1 - Home Winemaking Kit

Have you ever sat and wondered what it was like to make your own wine?  Think you have a friend (or family member) that would like to try to make their own vintage?  Home brewing has become exceptionally popular over the past few years, but making your own wine is just as easy with today's home winemaking kits!  This is a fun, interactive gift that gives someone a solid introduction into wine processing.

The home brewing supply stores usually carry the best home winemaking supplies as well.  This one here is from Midwest Supplies:
Starter Winemaking Equipment Kit w/Gilda Single Lever Corker
Home Winemaking Kits ($73, $88, or $95 from Midwest Supplies)
(Photo from Midwest Supplies

You can also find kits or home winemaking supplies from other stores including Presque Isle Wine, and E.C. Kraus.  Kits come in variable shapes, sizes, and quantities... and prices! 

(Photo from

Or if all of that is too messy and complicated, you can always try the state-of-the-art Winepod.  More information on this technologically advance home winemaking kit at
The Wine Pod
(Photo from

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