Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of [Wine] Christmas: Day 8 - Wine Coasters

Here's something that I see when I walk into tasting rooms these days.  How fun, thoughtful, and cost efficient.  You can go anywhere from stocking stuffer to classy, pricey wine coasters!  Happy wine coaster hunting:

Holiday Wine Coasters found at Pamplemousse in Salem, MA ($5.99)
I've found these coasters in wineries all over the place
(Photo by author)

Marble Wine Coasters (Set of 4) at Dreadnought Wines in Pittsburgh, PA ($40.00)
(Photo by author)
Wine Description Coasters found at ($11)

Nostalgic Wine Labels Sandstone Thirstystone Coasters
Sandstone Coasters found at ($19)

Wine Collage Absorbent Wine Coasters found at ($13)

Slate Coasters found at ($11)

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  1. These wine coasters are also perfect gift for your friends this coming Christmas. They have also a design that perfect for this holiday season.