Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wines for the Holidays

As we approach that time of year, I think it's important we talk a few wines that may be worth a buy for the holiday season.  After all, what is one to really take to a holiday party?  ;)

I always tell people to first check their local winery listings: make a small (fun) trip, do some wine tasting, and support your local wineries.  For Pennsylvania, you can check the Pennsylvania Wine website to find a winery near you.  For those Virginians, check out the Virginia Wine website.  Other states have websites like this - just search "state of interest" + wineries on Google, and you should be set!
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Second, if all else fails, remember that most people actually like to drink sweeter wines.  A fail-safe bet is to buy a California Chardonnay simply because people generally enjoy this variety.  Examples of this Chardonnay include Cupcake ChardonnayKendall Jackson's Reserve ChardonnayClos Du Bois Chardonnay, and La Crema Chardonnay (Russian River).
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Another good bet is bubbly.  Why?  Because bubbly goes with everything!  Trust me on this one.  Americans tend to want to buy bubbly for celebrations only, but I can 100% guarantee you that bubbly on Christmas day equals one good time!  Try a Korbel Extra Dry (I know the phrase is confusing, but it's actually sweeter than a Brut!) or Barefoot's Moscato Spumante (a crowd pleaser).

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Or try a spicy Zinfandel - jammy, high alcohol, ripe red raspberries, and holiday delight!  Try one of Cline Cellar's Zinfandels or Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel.
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If you are looking for something to celebrate Chanukah, try one of the many excellent Kosher wines from Hagafen Cellars.

And remember, no matter what you choose, enjoy it!  Happy Holidays!

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