Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of [Wine] Christmas: Day 10 - Wine Ornaments

Here's an extra something that became a holiday tradition in my family, and I see so many more of these walking throughout Wegmans, tasting rooms, and stores like Target and Hallmark.  Ornaments are perfect holiday exchanges especially when you need an extra touch for a family gift, a stocking stuffer, or something small and cost effective for Secret Santa at work.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Red Wine and White Wine Christmas Bulbs 
(Photos by author)

Wine Bottle Cork Cage Ornament
Cork Cage Ornament ($20)
(Photo from

You can often find the Lolita Wine Glass Ornaments at your local Hallmark store:
Elf Shoes Mini-Wine Ornament by Lolita
Elf Shoes Lolita Wine Glass

Happy Holidays Mini-Wine Ornament by Lolita
Happy Holidays Lolita Wine Glass

Holiday Splash Mini-Wine Ornament by Lolita
Holiday Splash Lolita Wine Glass

Hot Mama Claus Mini-Wine Ornament by Lolita
Hot Mama Claus Lolita Wine Glass

Jingle Bells Mini-Wine Ornament by Lolita
Jingle Bells Lolita Wine Glass

Kiss Me Mini-Wine Ornament by Lolita
Kiss Me Lolita Wine Glass - $12
(All photos from Lolita Glasses)

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