Monday, February 28, 2011

Tastefully Simple's Sangria Wine Slush

One of my aunts is always posting about her "slush mixes" that I finally asked where she was purchasing these things.  One of the many comes from Tastefully Simple.

(Photo from Google Images)

The product, Samba Sangria Slush Drink Mix, comes in a bucket.  You simple add 2 bottles of your favorite red wine, a little warm water, freeze, and then enjoy.  Instant party.  

Sangria Slush Drink Mix
(Photo from Google Images)

I love how she uses these drink mixes.  She often purchases one and has a "girls night" with all of her girlfriends.  Add some yummy food to go with your drink mix of choice, and you have yourself a fun, entertaining evening with the girls.  A simple way to continue enjoying life.  Enjoy!

Wine Slush!  Drinks all around!
(Photo from Google Images)

P.S. They also sell Margarita drink mixes (in citrus flavors).  Do I hear Margarita Mondays calling?!??

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  1. oh wow! I'm mentioned in your blog! These are awesome!!!! I mix with two bottles of chardonnay and I love it!