Friday, February 18, 2011

Wine News: Wine Soda Fountains Enter Wegmans

Good news for the state of PA!  Article is pasted here for your convenience.  The original article was found at

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Wegmans Introduces Amazing Soda Fountain For Wine

Have you ever eaten in a food court or buffet and wished that you could get a glass of wine as easily as getting a Diet Coke from a soda fountain? At the food court in the Allentown, PA Wegmans grocery store, you can purchase from a vending machine a 5-ounce glass of wine, a half-glass, or a 1-ounce "sample." A full glass costs $6 to $10.
Allentown is a test site for the wine fountain, where it is part of Wegmans' food court, legally a restaurant, and thus gets around Pennsylvania's wacky liquor laws. This is just the latest development in the Keystone State's impressive strides in mechanical wine-slinging technology, beginning with the automated kiosks now dispensing wine to people who have been properly photographed and Breathalyzed.
No word yet on Alec Baldwin's opinion of the device.

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