Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate-Dipped Wine

A friend of mine found some of these on GiftTree, but I saw them all throughout Napa.  I believe I saw some chocolate dipped Gloria Ferrer bottles while visiting that winery if I remember correctly.  I don't quite this product, although most bottles are covered with some sort of plastic wrap in addition to the chocolate coating on the exterior of the bottle.  Personally, as a food scientist, I'm not a fan of the chocolate as part of the packaging, but it does look cool!  However, others find this to be a unique way to end a big meal in a very original way!

Wine Gift Crates: Chocolate-Dipped Wine
Chocolate-Dipped Wine
(Photo from GiftTree)

Most bottles sell for about $40 to $50, so not exactly your thriftiest wine buy, but definitely something unique.  Wineries of Napa Valley also sell this product online for about $65 using Goosecross wine- but include a very nice package, which makes a really exquisite gift (see photo below).  I guess the ol' saying is true - wine and chocolate are the perfect pair.  :)

Chocolate-Dipped Wine Bottles

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