Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's in My Glass Wednesdays! Korbel Brandy - Let's Make Hot Toddy's!

With the move, I haven't had the opportunity to partake in wines, but "Johnny Depp" and I have recently fell in love with Hot Toddy's.  For those unfamiliar with the drink, it's a hot tea (or hot water) beverage with about an ounce of brandy added to it.  Traditionally, black and green teas are used to make a Hot Toddy, but "Johnny Depp" and I have been using night-time, de-caffeinated teas to enjoy the beverage. 

Hot Toddy
(Photo from Google Images)

If you need a recipe, here's what I recommend:
1 cup of hot water or hot tea of your choosing
1 teaspoon of honey
1/2 teaspoon of turbinado sugar
1 ounce of brandy
1 slice of lemon, optional

*Of course, you can alter the sweetness of the drink to your liking.  I usually do not add this much honey, but I enjoy the caramel taste of turbinado sugar to offset the strength of the brandy.

If you need a choice of brandy, "Johnny Depp" and I enjoy Korbel's brandy.

Korbel Brandy
(Photo from Google Images)

Remember that brandy is distilled wine, so this ties in perfectly with your Wine Country life!  And there is no pressure to purchase Korbel's brandy.  Many brandies are available and sometimes you can find some specialty brandies made at your local winery.  But for those who have never tasted Korbel's product, it is reasonable.  [Note: I believe Korbel's brandy selections can only be shipped within California.]

Depending on the quality, Korbel's brandy prices range from $11 to $20.  But for novice brandy consumers, their lower end product will do for Hot Toddy's.  A thrifty, fun buy!

If you are trying to get through a cold, winter night and still facing Northeastern snow storms, a Hot Toddy could be just for you!  Or if you just need a night of relaxation and want to give your evening that extra kick, try a Hot Toddy.  You don't need to use a caffeinated tea - "Johnny Depp" enjoys his Hot Toddy with chamomile tea.  Hibiscus teas also seem to be a big hit.  Although, I have to say that basic black tea does the trick.  :)

Hopefully, next week, I can bring the D-2010 Scale back!

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