Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun Wine Gear: Vinifera Wine Cards

I saw these cards at a winery and thought they were fun for those people who really want to learn something about wine grapes.  It definitely is the type of product for the grape nerd because each card contains a lot of detailed information bout individual wine grape varieties.

Vinifera Wine Grape Cards
(Photo from Ghigo Press)

Each pack is about $16, so not an overly expensive buy.  Maybe something for the girlfriend or newly defined wine connoisseur who wants to know a little bit more about wine!  The website, Ghigo Press, also features a wine grape calendar for those super wine nerds that you know... and love! 

Wine Grape Calendar
(Photo from Ghigo Press)

I think every person that loves wine and wine flavors, also loves some sort of other food product.  (For me, I'm really into teas.)  I really enjoyed the extra info cards on coffee and spices.  How fun!  Perfect for all you foodies out there!

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