Monday, March 21, 2011

The Return of the Wine Slush!

Back in February, I wrote about Tastefully Simple's Sangria Wine Slush, but this past weekend, I had the opportunity to try Tastefully Simple's Citrus Celebrations wine slush.  And (oh my goodness!) was it superb!

Citrus Celebration Wine Slush
(Photo from Tastefully Simple)

Of course, this isn't your Wine Country snobby drink mix, but it's something to get the party started!  Completely refreshing, the flavor is quite catchy.  It's like drinking a margarita made of wine - blended, not on rocks.  ;) 

The product is simple - take the bucket, supplied by Tastefully Simple, add 1 cup of water, 2 bottles of your favorite sparkling wine, and the packet of flavor.  Place the container in the freezer.  When the party arrives, lightly chip away at your new wine-based cocktail.  I'd have to agree that the taste of pineapple predominates this cocktail with that slight tang of lemons and oranges.  The "bubbles" from the sparkling wine give this a good kick. 

Although the drink is sweet, you can definitely adjust the sweetness level by altering your base wine.  I suggest a drier sparkling wine, but for those that have a slight sweet tooth, something sweeter will definitely do the trick.  Serve in fun glasses, place a small fruit slice on the rim of the glass (or add a tiny umbrella adorned with fruit), and you've got a party!

(Photo from Google Images)

I loved this drink (made by my aunt) with the mango salsa (made by my uncle), a cheese ball and Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam over cream cheese.  What a delightful evening... and what a fun way to welcome my new life in Florida.  I promise, you won't be disappointed with this product.  Cheers!

Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jame
(Photo from Tastefully Simple)

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