Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wine in a Soda Can?!

In a recent blog about Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia Blanc de Blancs, I talked about the femininity that I absolutely love with the Sophia line.  Sometimes you just need a classy, girly glass of wine... and then sometimes you just want something fun and quick!  So if you love the taste of Sofia Blanc de Blancs, then whey not grab it in a soda can?

Sofia Blanc de Blancs
(Photo by author)

Yes, you heard me correctly - sparkling wine in a soda can.  Ingenious packaging and marketing idea by Francis Ford Coppola.  What's the difference between the wine in the cans versus the wine you buy in the bottle?  Simple - how the carbonation gets into the packaging.  

In the bottle, the sparkling wine is made by the traditional Methode Champenoise style.  This means that a secondary, yeast fermentation takes place in the bottle.  As the fermentation progresses, over time, the sparkling wine bottles are tilted and rotated to collect the remainder yeast and sediment that collects from the fermentation.  Then, prior to sale, the tops of the bottles are frozen, corks popped, and yeast/sediment removed.  The bottle is re-capped quickly with the carbonation from the fermentation left in the bottle.

The cans, however, are bottled into aluminum cans and injected with carbonation - just like carbonated beverages (i.e. soda or pop).  The base wine remains the same.  The only difference is how the carbonation originates.  Four (4) cans, each with an attached straw, are packaged into a pink and silver cardboard box:

(Photo from Google Images)

Again, I love the fun and pinkness of this product.  And truth be told, I enjoy the lighter, fruitier taste of the wine in the can as opposed to the bottle.  The carbonation is fresher and the wine seems lighter!  Of course, you can't swirl the can and do what all us wine snobs do, but seriously, you can still "cheers" and have a good time. 

"Johnny Depp" and I used the cans as a way to celebrate our first real day in our Floridian home.  Without having any wine glasses around, it was the perfect beverage to cheers a new beginning.  I've even seen these things being used at wedding receptions or rehearsal dinners.  But can't you see these things on a fun picnic or day at the beach?  Now you don't need the wine carrier to carry your favorite beverage!

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  1. They are the perfect beach bonfire drink, since glass is prohibited! I was introduced to these in Austria at a nightclub and loved that I could dance with sparkling wine without worrying about breaking a glass! ;)