Thursday, December 2, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Wine Gifts - Day 1: Champagne Glasses

What better way to start out "the first day of Christmas (wine) gifts" then to start with Champagne glasses!  Why do I love this gift?  Because you can never have too many Champagne glasses - they are always needed at every special occasion, Champagne/sparkling wine pairs well with everything, and they don't require much storage space!  I've selected a few for everyone's budget:
Product Image Mangold Champagne Glasses Set of 2
Set of 2 Mangold Champagne Glasses at Target ($15) - what a great modern shape!

Product Image Libbey Vina Flute Set of 4
A classic shape - Set of 4 Libbey Vina Flutes at Target ($17) - and a set of 4 is the perfect number!

Product Image Champagne Glass Set of 2 - Green & Pink (6 oz.)Product Image Champagne Glass set of 2 - Blue & Orange (6 oz.)
Modern and fun, but not for your wine connoisseur (the stem is too short for Champagne glasses) - come in a set of 2 for $20 at Target and

Prodyne CP-6-A Forever Grand 6-Ounce Celebration Flute, Set of 4
For those that like an obscure shape - found at (Several different styles of this version can be found there, and have many different price points for all budgets)

Cristal D'Arques Longchamp Flute, Set of 4
I like this classical look made to match all the old China - set of 4 is $30 at

Riedel O Tumblers, Set of 2
This is different, by Riedel which makes fairly good quality glass - however, again, this shape allows warming of the Champagne when you hold it, which may not be preferred, but is definitely unique (set of 2 is $25 at

Riedel Wine Series Champagne Glasses, Set of 4
Classy and simple, by Riedel - Set of 4 is $49.95 at - Great stemware for those serious wine drinkers

inside-out champagne glasses
These are just crazy, but I love them! Set of 2 Inside-Out Champagne Glasses is $40 at

Artland Splendor Set/4 Assorted Flute
For those friends who love an artistic edge - set of 4 is $40 at


  1. Ok, I'm sold! Gonna have to visit Amazon now. Thanks for the fun info...just a hint, I love the artistic edge glasses most...

  2. Let me know how they turned out! I'm glad someone enjoyed my posting!