Friday, December 17, 2010

A Wine Christmas: Decorating Your Tree in Wine Country Style

On a recent visit to a Christmas store, my mom found her very own "Wine Christmas Tree."  I was excited to hear that in Boston, Massachusetts, they love their wine trees!  Walking around Wine Country, you can find several tasting rooms that have their own version of a "Wine Christmas Tree."  I love it.  You can go classy or just plain fun with this theme!

A Wine Christmas Tree in MA (Photos taken by my mom)  :)

There's several cool things on this tree: not only are their normal Christmas lights, but the grapes themselves are lights (fun!)  I found a set of the purple grapes at for $28 and some green grapes on Google Shopping for $17.  

Another touch of class on this tree includes the gold leaves.  This is a big hit that I see all over Napa right now.  You can find all sorts of leaves dipped in gold, silver, and bronze.  They aren't exceptionally thrifty (about $10 to $25 per leaf), but they are beautiful (photos from Google Images):

Here are some vendors that sell these fine pieces of art:

And then there is the fun part to the tree: all those silly wine ornaments.  Here's a couple that just crack me up!

Lolita Mini-wine Holiday Ornament, Poinsettia
Lolita Mini-Wine Glass Ornaments ($12):

Tuscan Winery Chardonnay Wine Bottle In Glass Ball Christmas Ornament 3"
Cheers Bulb ($13):

Wine Bottle Cork Cage Ornament
Wine Cork Holder Ornament ($17):

Old World Christmas Wine Barrel Glass Ornament #32067
Wine Barrel Glass Ornaments ($10):

Tuscan Winery Deluxe Red Wine and Cheese Platter Christmas Ornament
Tuscan Wine Trays ($9):

Tuscan Winery Red Wine Bottle In Box Christmas Ornament
Wine in a Box Ornament ($8):

Wine Lovers Wine Bottle Duo In Rack Christmas Ornament
Wine Lovers Duo Ornament ($9):

Of course, if you cannot afford to buy tons of ornaments, stick with a color - like purple.  Buy some purple-toned ribbon, trim, and bulbs to add to your small series of wine ornaments.  These little extras you can buy fairly cheap at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, etc.  Before you know it, you can continue to add to your "Wine Christmas Tree" every year.  And always make sure to add some bottles of wine for gifts underneath the tree.  ;)

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  1. Beautiful decoration! There are even wine related snow globes available to add to your Christmas decor. There is a wide range of wine ornaments available for your Christmas tree.