Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Wine Gifts - Day 9: Wine Clothes

I don't know who can possibly dislike wine t-shirts because some of them are just plain hilarious.  This is a perfect gift for college friends or "old-timers" who like a good laugh.  Just make sure you get the right size! 

Cafe Press features lots of custom made clothing, which is always a favorite site for me to visit when I need to find something for my brothers or girlfriends.  In fact, I've actually received gifts from here as well.  Fun, thrifty, and creative - these gifts let the ones you love know just how well you know them.

Eat Sleep Viticulture Shirt
Here's one that I own that features viticulture (the study of growing grapes) - $25 at Cafe Press

Know someone studying enology?  Here's some options also found at Cafe Press:
Enologist In Training T-Shirt
Female t-shirt: $29

Enologists ROCK Sweatshirt
Enologist Sweatshirt - $33

Trust Me I'm an Enologist Organic Cotton Tee
Men's Fitted Organic Cotton t-Shirt - $29

Know someone that likes a little extra wine humor?  Below are some options also found at Cafe Press... besides nothing in life should be so serious that you can't laugh at it, right?

Improve With Age Apron (dark)Wine Apron
Wine Apron - $28 to $30 (Can't you picture your silly dad wearing this while bar-b-qing?)

Standard t-Shirt (available in multiple colors) - $27

Wine For Husband Women's Tank Top
What Every Wife is Thinking... :) - $23

Group Therapy Shirt
Another one of my favorites... ok... I own this one, too - $25

German Proverb Shirt
How True - I bet some foodies out there would like this - $25

Vintage Baby Wine Label - Infant Bodysuit
Oh yeah - wine clothes for babies!  There's a bunch of these on Cafe Press, but I think this one is cute :) - $17

opps...I spilled again Wine T-Shirt
I think this is a great "man" t-shirt especially in the charcoal color, but then again, it'd probably also be good for someone you know that is a klutz... ;) - $27

There are so many more options available - multiple colors, shapes, sizes, shirt styles, etc.  Even things like polos, mugs, posters, pins, etc.  A gift for everyone!  And Cafe Press has nice shipping packaging - a bonus!


  1. these shirts are awesome. they would make great presents for my friends who love wine. i always try and give out wine gifts to my friends for holiday gifts

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