Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Wine Gifts - Day 11: The Vinturi Aerator

The was another Christmas gift I received from "Johnny Depp" when we first started dating.  The gift was magical... and now... it's everywhere!  Tasting rooms and select Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores are hosting these Vinturi Aerators now, which means that you have the convenience of finding them easily.

Venturi Aerator for Red (black) and White (white) Wines

The original Vinturi Aerator was the black version, which is the one that I own.  Both the Red and White Wine Aerators work under the same function: through the Venturi Effect.  The idea is that as the wine passes through the tube, oxygen is quickly integrated into the wine, which changes the aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel of the wine.  Truth be told, it really does!  I've done a few blind tests with my guests and have found that people that drink wine regularly really taste a difference.  

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The Vinturi Aerator is essentially doing what a decanter does in a matter of seconds.  While a fine red wine may sit in a decanter for an hour as it breathes, the Vinturi can aerate it very quickly - directly from bottle to glass.  I've found it to be a useful tool when we find a wine that may have an attribute that is off-putting.  Usually, the quick integration of oxygen can blow off any unwanted aromas or flavors.  It also smooths out very harsh, tannic wines quite nicely. 

The Vinturi Aerator is definitely a gift for someone that knows their wine.  I like to serve up a glass that hasn't been aerated versus one that has.  It's usually a fun tasting.  Most places where you can purchase a Vinturi Aerator charge about $40 per aerator.  For more information on the company, visit:  Vinturi's can also be found at and

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