Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Wine Gifts - Day 3: Foil Cutters

One of all time favorite wine gifts was a foil cutter.  (I even remember who bought it for me and which Christmas I received it.  It's that good.)  I know what you're thinking - how simple and dull!  But you are mistaken, my friend!  This little gizmo allows me to avoid all possibilities of cutting myself on foil or the cork screw to get those capsules off of wine bottles.  Sure, it's not as aesthetic as using the actual cork screw to cut around the rim of the bottle, and get the cork out of the bottle the way a sommelier does, but let me tell you - it makes opening a bottle of wine that much easier!  

And it's thrifty!  It's the perfect gift to add for a co-worker, company gift exchange (complemented with a cork screw and wine stopper), or your wino friends out there.  Trust me - I enjoy it and recommend highly!

Many foil cutters can be found at your local winery or wine gift shop.  If you have trouble finding some, here are some online selections:

Metrokane Velvet Foil Cutter, Black
This is the one I have - Found at for $6

Wine Enthusiast Vineyard Foil Cutter
Wine Enthusiast Vineyard Foil Cutter - $10 at Kohls

Brushed Chrome Six Disc Blade Foil Cutters
Brushed Chrome Six Disc Blade Foil Cutter - $14 at

Two-Blade Foil Cutter
Two-Blade Foil Cutters - $8.40 at

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