Monday, December 20, 2010

A Wine Christmas: Christmas Brunch with Mimosas

I'm happy to report that we are having Christmas brunch this 2010 holiday season!  And what makes Christmas brunch slightly better?  Why, mimosas of course!

Mimosas are a big hit for brunches in Wine Country, and they are an easy, crowd-friendly beverage that gets the family chuckling the day away.  A simple recipe: add 2/3 of your favorite sparkling (I recommend a "Brut" or "Extra Dry", but some also like "Asti" bubbly) to 1/3 of your favorite orange juice or grapefruit juice.  (Personally, I prefer grapefruit juice, but this is of course to your liking!)

Additional recipes at The Kitchen Sink share a mimosa recipe with added pomegranate seeds (see photo above).  Yum!  What a fun way to make wine a part of your Christmas day.  :)

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